Shippy’s Log, September 11th

A beautiful day with another completely full boat of rowers and literal hangers on. The tide was mostly slack and in any case was beat by the significant Northwest Wind off the plains of Newburgh. As the fully loaded Bickford struck out into the wind the coxswain was heard to remark on the sound of a helicopter to the South. Shortly after we cleared the shore we could see 6 ( or was it 8? ) pink tracers falling from the sky, below each a tiny swaying dot that revealed itself to be each a miniature parachute of the type used by skydivers. “9/11 at West Point”, a rower observed. The pink clouds dissipated as the parachutes disappeared behind the trees and Bickford plowed past Little Stony Point. The wind was still blowing hard enough upon our return that oar sailing was sufficient to blow us back to town.