Grants & Gifts

We are very excited to be in our current location at Dockside Park, and want to thank the Village of Cold Spring and the State of New York for helping us to relocate from our old home in Foundry Cove.

We are eternally indebted to and grateful for the many years of generosity extended by Scenic Hudson, which provided BBBB with a boat building facility at Scenic Hudson’s West Point Foundry Preserve, and allowed us to launch our Community Rowing and other programs from Scenic Hudson’s Foundry Dock Park in Cold Spring.

A couple of years back, we received a $5000 grant from the Hudson River Improvement Fund to refurbish our boats for our Hudson River Summer Workshop for Middle School Students. With the money, we added a sail rig and footbraces to Storm King, and a complete overhaul, with new thwarts and rudders and tillers, of the three shad boats.

Also, a very special thank you to the Cold Spring Boat Club for the use of their trailer launch and slip during the summer program.

We are also grateful to the Philipstown Garden Club for their support.